Little Liar by Willow Winters

Little Liar

By Willow Winters

  • Release Date: 2018-01-23
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 26 Ratings
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From USA Today bestselling author Willow Winters comes an emotionally gripping, standalone, romantic suspense. 

I lied so much, I’d forgotten what the truth even was. 
Who I was. 
I think that’s why fate sent me Dean.

Every lie I told, he saw through it. 
I think in his heart he knew I was broken; he felt my pain as if it was his. 
He’s the one who makes me want to be better and stop hiding behind the pain of what happened. 

But some lies are too much to bare. 
It doesn’t matter if you’ve fallen in love or not.  
Some lies are unforgivable. 

“A daring book that I couldn't put down for a second. Willow Winters has written a thought provoking, darker, compelling novel that has won me over.  It’s a slow build up of emotionally crafted turmoil of mystery, audacious and fearless characters and plot.” - Wit and Wonder Books


  • She Asked For It

    By ida jolley
    Another fantastic read by Willow Winters. It is a love story, and a dark romance, with an edge to it. It will bring tears to your eyes and give you all the feels. An emotional roller coaster ride for me but also one that touched things deep inside of me that were buried for many years. A story that was sad and painful but needed to be told. The couple had a problem with communication at times but towards the end, their love proved that they could stand together and work things out. Having someone who loves you unconditionally is a major part of the process. I offered to read this book for my honest review. And I highly recommend it to readers.
  • She Asked For It

    By Bshksuhwb
    Wow, what an amazing book that had me hooked from page one. I stayed up all night reading this book. What a twist! I loved staying on edge and wondered what “She Asked For It” meant. I loved how possessive Dean was toward his “Allie-Cat. What is Allison hiding? What happened in her past? I didn’t expect to cry so hard. This is a must read kind of book. I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy and I highly recommend this book. I really loved not knowing what would happen and totally shocked towards the end.
  • Wow!

    By ashleynichole124
    I can’t even put into words how much i enjoyed this story. From the very beginning you’re kept guessing on what happens next. It’s an emotional ride and totally blew me away. You’re instantly captivated. Willow’s way with words keeps you not only interested but continuously invested throughout the book. It’s a book you can’t put down. Dean and Allie are both broken in a way that they shouldn’t work together and it’s amazing how they do. A must read.
  • Consequences of Revenge

    By Szmoromou
    When your life mission is driven from pure revenge, what happens when life throws a curveball and your once thought out plan takes another direction? Allison is set on taking down the one who changed her life forever. Once upon a time when she was free to explore the world with no worries or regrets. It's funny how one night can change it all, sending Allison's life into a tailspin. How that one night changed not only her best friend Sam's life but Allison's as well. Dean had a rough life. Losing his father was painful, but watching his mother move on so quickly was even worse. Anger, that is what fueled him day in and out. Unable to control his impulses he lashed out on anyone around him. Not feeling loved by his own mother left a gaping hole in his heart and that hole just grew larger and larger feeding the anger more and more. His only choice was to leave, leave his home and be on his own. Might as well since all his mother cared about was herself. When a girl set out for revenge meets a boy who feels unloved, their relationship is doomed from the start. Allison wasn't expecting Dean, and Dean wasn't expecting to fall so hard for Allison. As much as Allison fought her attraction to Dean, the harder she fell. He wasn't supposed to be part of the equation. She had a plan and Dean was interfering with it. Dean didn't want to let Allison in because letting her in made him vulnerable. He was already programed in believing that he couldn't be loved, so letting his guard down would only prove that true once again. But what the heart wants is what the heart gets. In the end, Allison games end up hurting the Dean the most. The one man that accepted her for who she was and loved her unconditionally. She Asked for It was heart wrenching, provocative, dark, vulnerable, dramatic and emotional. Willow Winters blew me away with this one and I get excited waiting to see what else she will come up with for her next book. Phenomenal, writing, story and author! Thank you once again Willow Winters!
  • Another great book!

    By 2g3
    This book touches on a very hot topic at the moment. It's looked at from different points of view, and shows how it affects those closest to the situation. It's another page turner, so it'll be a quick read!

    By aries_sword
    SHE ASKED FOR IT has a grim mystery to it so don't let the title fool you. A thought-provoking story that seized my full attention from the start; could not stop reading until the end. An unconditional love story about two people who find each other but a clouded past threatens to crush the sunlight they could have. The reality of this story pawed at my heart to empathize with Allison and Dean; misty eyed was I visualizing certain scenes as they played out and cheered in delight at the conclusion of their story too! Inside; suspense, family drama, bleeding-heart moments, action, humor, powerful vivid scene descriptions, and fiery passionate sensuous romance. Dean and Allison meet at college; Dean's come-hither looks and provocative innuendos melt Allison but she plays hard to catch which only makes him want her more. The shadows of Allison's past wreak havoc with her heart. Emotions skyrocket as Dean continues his chase to capture the woman who holds his heart. The two do get their happy ending but getting there is quite a whirlwind story. RELISHED this engrossing story and I applaud the author for writing it. Behind the blazing hot romance is quite an impressive story. I adored Allison and Dean together as they do make a perfect match. There is another character that I was also truly fond of; Daniel one of Dean's friends; as I see him as the voice of reason. The author shows that trust and honesty are pivotal in a lasting relationship. A most gratifying read; a story to be talked about and a fabulous book for a reader's library. I loved this story so much {I volunteered to review an advanced copy.} Without reservations, I recommend this read.
  • Amazing

    By Mikie99
    One could call this a dark romance, but having read many dark romances I wouldn’t really classify it as such. There are deep emotional themes and a little violence at play that can be difficult for some,but overall it’s more emotion than dark. An intriguing story that will lead you to question your own mindset, especially considering our current social climate where these stories make headlines daily. Why does society continue to perpetuate the gaping double standard that women are either prudes or whores and men only do what comes naturally? Why is it that women are not allowed to like sex without being deemed as filthy, while a man who likes sex is just being himself. Willow tackles a really difficult topic here and I felt it was done with grace while still allowing the hollow grittiness to show. Dean and Allie’s stories felt real and brutally honest. The chemistry was scorching between the two! I particularly appreciated seeing Dean as a teen and the pain and vulnerability he suffered. It’s a rare view into a male characters life. He was so hurt and my heart called out to him. I understood Allie’s reticence as well as her determination and admired her all the more for it. Their connection could not be severed, their souls refusing to abandon their mates. A story I won’t soon forget and one that I hope gets people thinking.
  • Loved it

    By VL1979
    Another amazing read by Willow that I couldn’t put down. Allison and Dean are perfect together but the past could ruin what they have. I don’t want to give anything away, because I hate spoilers but this is a story of love, hate, revenge and finally finding the person that completes you and would do anything to protect you.