Meddlers in Time by Wayne Watson

Meddlers in Time

By Wayne Watson

  • Release Date: 2009-11-19
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Score: 4
From 56 Ratings
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Meddlers In Time- A Synopsis

The story starts several years before the main tale, with two of the main characters narrowly escaping from a trip to their near future, gone wrong.
They decide to create a new, and hopefully, more friendly universe, by causing a split in time back in the 9th century.

In order to advance the technology of the 9th century and build a power base, they set about recruiting a team of down-on-their-luck engineers and adventurers, with the lure of large sums of money, adventure and the chance escape their lives! For a one-year tour and a return to the same time and place, they are offered information worth a great deal of money- namely winning lotto numbers and sports betting information!

The reality of the mission sets in for the team, when they find themselves on another planet, Transit, hundreds of light-years from home. Here they train for the mission and learn how to use the time/space gateway.

They set up a prefabricated stronghold and in their first few weeks save a local village from a terrible fate. Soon the local people start to accept these strangers, who turn out to be not as terrifying as they first seemed.

Meanwhile, a more deadly game is being conducted from Transit, as the city of Rome is destroyed and the 9th century religious leaders are systematically and sometimes spectacularly assassinated.

Expecting to winter over quietly, they are surprised by the arrival of a large invading army from Europe. Despite being short on numbers, they utterly rout the invaders at the outskirts of the city of Sheffield.

Local workers are recruited- reluctantly at first, but they soon adapt to what is for them- a life of relative comfort and ease. Before long, working for the strangers brings high status. As the best of the local workers adapt to modern life, they are being prepared to be the next generation of leaders.

Over the winter months, a local militia is equipped and drilled, while the tradesmen of the district come to learn the secrets of the strangers. The future leaders of tomorrow begin their education. Road building and mineral exploration continue and as the team get to know each other better, the stories regarding how the time/space gate generator was obtained and the effects of using it are revealed.

As the end of a one year tour of duty draws to an end, most of the team have elected to stay on, while those who have decided to leave the 9th century, start to prepare to return to their old lives- and their new beginnings.

Meddlers in Time Part Two

This story starts with three of the characters persuading their wives to travel back in time with them. Others of the original group join up as permanent members of the group.

Not everyone is happy about the arrival of the strangers and there is a shift in the balance of power with the king deposed. Now is the time for a show of power.

After the fate of their enemies is settled, the story jumps back four years in the baseline time, to a camp in New Zealand, 790AD. This gives a bit of background on some of the characters, as they start the first practice run for the 9th century operation. Some of the technology not revealed in the first book is used here.

A colony site is prepared in New Zealand and the story of how the gate generator was acquired is told in more detail. The colonists are more or less willingly moved around the world and the team prepares to snatch a busload of 20th century engineers who are about to die. The locally trained army prepares for two battles and there is an unexpected turn of events when a set of memories is misplaced.

The narration is taken over by a newly-sentient computer and some of the 52nd century characters are revealed. Another interesting character comes onto the scene and an intricate scheme for a staged 'death' on 21st century earth


  • Struggle

    By Ersta816
    To much filler. Not enough proof reading. Weak characters. It was a real struggle to finish. And no where near enough about the past, present or future. Could have been very good but as is it is drawn out and full of typos. It's not worth the struggle.
  • Second time around, and still new & exciting!

    By Jamaxit
    This is the second time I've read this book and I'm now started my next round with the other adventures. It's like this first book was brand new and there was always something I missed the first time. It truly feels like I'm reading a great adventure's memoirs. My Father just retired as a Master Plumber, Master Electrician, and Master A/C technician. I worked for him for many years when I was young and the tricks of the trades he used are very similar to what the tradesmen used here. Wayne is absolutely correct about his assessment of the construction/building fields. My Father could do more with two helpers than four licensed individual contractors (Dad was also a pretty good brick layer). Unfortunately I had two heat strokes in high school and had to pursue a college degree in Engineering. I miss working in the trades, but it's great to relive those years through Wayne's exploits, along with his twist of technology - kind of how I ended up - in computers. Anyway, I'm surprised this book hasn't caught on bigger. There is something for everyone. Even some Vampire lore - that seems to be all the rage these days. Oh well, back to 'Business Intelligence' (BI) for me. Let us know when we can buy “Meddlers in Time- Downwards to Earth”. I definitely would pay to read that one. Thank you! Mr. Wayne Watson for sharing your wonderful tails.
  • Like reading someone's journal! Intriguing!

    By GirlLandis
    The story is compelling and intriguing. An awesome way to pear into a real time traveler's adventures. Forget typos & petty 'missed used' words, as others mention. What have they written and how much are they charging. Mr. Watson contributed 3 excellent and entertaining books and pulled me into the action and adventure of the present, future, and best of all past! Enjoy the read and overlook the 'typos', it's a man's journal for crying out loud. Not to mention its free and takes the reader to places and times they will never experience, while never having to leave earth.
  • Long

    By BikerMonkie
    And boring
  • Keep up late!

    By Milo Morai
    Story was very interesting. Need to actually proof-read. There are some spelling mistakes and extra words. Need more info earlier on individual characters so we want to read more. Overall, I liked it very much. As a diehard Heinlein fan I'm not sure how I feel about events at the end. Kinda like it, kinda don't. Need to read more to reach judgment. (Hint-hint.) Looking forward to more.
  • Good read, but..

    By Peregrine
    I enjoyed this book a lot and look forward to reading the others. However, I only rated it a four due to the many typos and misused words that make the reading a bit of a chore at times.
  • Great time traveling saga

    By Activealex
    This story captivated me and kept me up nights late! The writing style was mostly steam of consciousness and really worked well despite many errors in grammar and spelling. I bigot recommend and will read the next volumes!
  • Great

    By Mojo230
    I really enjoyed the sic fi and history mix