Six Weeks to OMG by Venice Fulton

Six Weeks to OMG

By Venice Fulton

  • Release Date: 2012-05-19
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
Score: 4
From 153 Ratings
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Six Weeks to OMG is the New York bestselling diet book by Venice A. Fulton

'The diet that's changing diets' - Metro

'Six Weeks To OMG is quickly becoming one of the top slimming books on the market' - Daily Mail

Before we get started let's test your knowledge: true or false?

• skipping breakfast can be healthy
• certain fruits instantly block fat loss
• small frequent meals are damaging
• cellulite can be massively reduced in everyone
• juices and smoothies cause overeating
• exercise is more than just how much and how hard

They're all TRUE.

Using science, psychology and uncommon sense, you will learn how to lose up to 20 pounds of body fat in six weeks. His plan, originally designed for A-List celeb clients, proves that quick fixes don't work, but quick improvements are still possible. No one is born fat or destined to have cellulite forever. And if you think you've failed on a diet before, think again - the diet failed.

Because anyone with the correct information, and that means anyone, can get skinny. And Venice A. Fulton will arm you with the necessary tools in Six Weeks to OMG.

Venice A. Fulton's expertise as a sports scientist helped formulate the ideal diet plan for his A-list clients, producing fantastic and fast results. Now available for everyone, you can also be as skinny as you choose to be. Venice is also a former writer for magazines including Men's Health and Celebrity Bodies.


  • :)

    By Mandi Bear
    Love this book!! I bought it first time round.. And bought it again for my iPhone!
  • Different

    By Aniwal1594
    OMG. This book is different to the other diet books out there. And it works! Ok, so it may seem weird at first, but the wacky works. If you want to make use of all those clothes in your wardrobe you love but no longer fit into then read this. It's changed my view on food, I feel better about myself and my clothes fit. Thanks Venice for going out on a limb with this, my limbs (and middle) are eternally grateful and while my muffin top hates that you have banished it, I can live with that!!
  • So far so good

    By mrshousecoat
    A simple, entertaining and practical book. It's basically a low carb lifestyle change but a highly motivating one. Refreshing to read a slimming book without lists of forbidden foods. It helps you to WANT to make better food choices. Explains really clearly how we become caught in fat traps and yoyo dieting patterns. Also busts a lot of myths.
  • Wow omg!!!

    By Jackrainbow
    Really interesting, informed, practical, logical. Is the author in cahoots with the producers of tv prog 'the men who made us fat'? I knew most of the stuff, just never thought of a way to 'zip it all together' before. Have not done six weeks but looking good, feeling better already. Rereview, three months on, feel awesome , look really skinny, could be all the yoga, but also definitely low carbs an black coffee. This has changed my eating habits for good, and I feel enriched not deprived. Go for it, sod convention, this works.
  • 6 weeks to omg

    By Johnboymaxwl
    This book goes against everything that I've been told,when I started it I tried to keep an open mind even tho I didn't believe what it was reading So I gave it my best shot,followed it to the latter and....OMG!!!! It works.. Really works, the results are fantastic and the knowledge that I have learnt will be with me for ever Try it... It works
  • Truly OMG

    By ivy_piper
    6 weeks down the line & I am now looking better & more in control thanks to my morning cold baths, coffee, bit of exercise & high protein! For me it is not a diet but a lifestyle make-over. Amazing book, thanks Venice!
  • Good book

    By Mangy Fox
    I read this book in 2 days, started the cold baths this morning, am getting on it with the carb cutting. Fulton writes in a jovial and captivating way that keeps the reader interested yet supported with evidence. He reminded me that I was at my thinnest when riding racehorses every morning before breakfast, drinking black coffee in the freezing that's not a co-incidence is it?
  • Unbelievable

    By Fabrizio Luccitti
    It will take a while to get used to the ideas in the book. Hopefully the will work
  • No evidence

    By wheres my NP30
    Sorry but this was a waste of money - gave up reading it after 100 pages. Written for teenage girls, no evidence about what he says. You can sum it up in a few bullet points - Don't eat and you will lose fat Have a cold bath and drink coffee Move but don't call it exercise I'm sure the real experts who do know what they are talking about would rip this to shreds!
  • Excellent!!!

    By Alice11123
    This book is great! It's not a 'diet' as such but it explains the body and how it burns fat so that after reading the book you can make the decision on how to lead your new healthy life the way you like. I completely recommend this book to anyone who really wants to lose some serious weight... I even recommend this book just so that you can get a greater understanding of how the body works - it really is amazing! I'm already reading it again, I'm addicted!!!